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Wink Kikka Syrup


Relax and breathe in our new add-on: Wink Kikka Syrup.

Chrysanthemum, Kikka in Japanese, which flowers used to be consumed as herbal tea not only in Eastern medicine but has been commonly accepted as a great health beverage for its surprising health benefits and unique taste.

This syrup is blended with six Japanese and Chinese plants, including <chrysanthemum>, <goji berry>, <cassia seed>, <glossy privet>, <black date>, and <peppermint leaves>, with the pleasant flavor of honey.

When it comes to chrysanthemum tea, you may know it is good for your eyesight. We tend to get stressed easily through checking smartphones or PCs every day, and drinking the tea can help improve our visions.

Wink Kikka Syrup can be a perfect choice for our busy daily life, an infusion beverage to soothe the body, calm your mind and brighten our eyes!👀✨

Sweetness ★★☆  Herbal aroma ★★☆  Freshness ★★★

【How to drink】

Put 1 pack of syrup into a cup, pour 200ml warm or cold water in the cup. Mix well and enjoy it.

【Contents】15g x 7packs

【Ingredients】glucose, sugar, glossy privet, goji berry, honey, cassia seed, chrysanthemum, date, peppermint leaves / sweetener (Sorbitol)

Do not consume when you are not feeling well, during pregnancy or breastfeeding period.

Wink Kikka Syrup
Wink Kikka Syrup
Wink Kikka Syrup