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Uplift Ginger Syrup


For sisters who want to stay warm and comfortable.🧡

Uplift Ginger Syrup is made from eight kinds of Japanese and Chinese plants, including black dates, longan, cinnamon, and eucommia leaves, based on brown sugar and dried ginger.

Wish you a positive and pleasant day by drinking this drink.

It heats up your body and protect yourself from a shivery winter day.

【How to drink】

We recommend 1-2 sachets per day, each sachet can be brewed with 180-200ml of warm water or sparkling water. The amount of water can be adjusted according to personal preference.

【Contents】24g(0.847oz) x 7 packs

【Ingredients】Water, sugar, glucose, D-sorbitol liquid, brown sugar, longan, ginger, cinnamon stick, privet fruit, black date, bergamot, eucommia leaf, turmeric, spices, citric acid, sodium citrate

【Country of origin】Taiwan

*ATTENTION: This is containing cinnamon, so do not consume while you are having sickness or during pregnancy.

Uplift Ginger Syrup
Uplift Ginger Syrup
生理期喝什麼 薑茶